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The brand

Tannerie is an Italian brand of handbags and leather accessories. All of its items are designed and crafted in Italy. Tannerie offers high quality products with painstaking attention paid to materials, colours and details.

The workshop (bottega)

We are small-scale Italian craftsmen.
The tanning experience is what makes us special: for over twenty years, our hands have touched, worked, and cut leather every day. Leather is a raw material that we know deeply in all its folds, and in its scent, like our own skin. We recognize its features by touching it, we sense its potential, and we imagine its best creation.
Our Rivarolo shop is the outcome of this know-how: it is a craftsman's workshop where every Tannerie product comes to life through an extremely meticulous choice of high quality materials, an endless search for innovative details, and painstaking care of the craftsmanship.
It is Italian craftsmanship at its very best. Customization and uniqueness are what we believe in and we work with this aim in mind every day.
We pour our passion into our products, and we devote our time to them.
This is why we are craftsmen.

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Materials and workmanship

Every Tannerie bag is one-of-a-kind, a small masterpiece of craftsmanship: in crafting our products we only, as a matter of fact, use the very finest leathers, crafted by expert tanners exclusively for us. So only a very limited number of pieces, pieces that are not manufactured in a production line, come to life from every hide.
The hides, which come to us exclusively from Italian tanneries, are cut, processed, sewn and assembled by hand with a mastery that comes from years and years of training and tradition: we fully know the raw material, and for this reason we take great pleasure in experimenting and trying to find new solutions, certain that we shall always get the best results.
Our know-how is combined with creativity in order to craft a collection of pieces in infinite variety of combinations: leather is our main ingredient; the recipes for working it are endless.

Su misura - Tannerie

Customized service

We believe in uniqueness and identity. We believe this holds true for people as well as for our products.
But above all we believe in human relationships, in direct ones.
We believe that new ideas are born when people meet and when you listen to their needs. The best ones.
For this reason we offer our customers special customization services: for the model, the choice of leathers, as well as the details. We are passionate about our work and we seek out new stimuli and new challenges every single day in order to create unique products that meet our customers’ requests. Even the most complicated ones.

We care

A Tannerie bag is a daily travel, work and life companion. It is not simply an accessory; it does not only carry objects, but collects memories, places, times and people together with you. Our bags are designed and made to last for years, to pass from generation to generation as a remembrance.
The signs of time are its added value because they tell us of stories, tales, and moments.
For this reason we guarantee our customers assistance for life: you can ask us to repair or restore your Tannerie bag, and we will fully know how to do it.